Found a neat laneway naming map by the Harbord Village Residents’ Association includes history of proposed names here:

Inspired by @julespenner on my ride in tomorrow I’ll be distributing this flyer to cars parked in bike lanes #bikeTO

Hey @m_layton, what happens when the bike post is locked to the street sign?

RT @m_layton: CBC set the Moliticians goal very high. $100,000! Donate to #Movember to raise awareness & funds for prostate cancer: http …

Gathering at City Hall now,stop by to read the messages & sign the pledge

Poll: voters want council to oppose Ford (81% in Ward 17 and 83% in Ward 24 opposed to Ford’s cuts) #TOcouncil

TheStar Ford’s broken promise risks a broken city: via @TorontoStar

In Christie Pits for the movie in the park(Catch Me if You Can). A great way to end an intense week.

RT @m_layton: In lieu of flowers, we are asking that donations be made to the Broadbent Institute in memoriam. You can do so here: http: …

RT @DoucetteWard13: Please join me at City Hall this afternoon at 4 pm for an impromptu memorial for Jack Layton.